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Daily Aneurysm--4/1/03
Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us....Happy Birthday to Birthday to us.
Well, funny but true, is 2 years old today. No joke. 2 years of my life that I'll never get back. 2 years of dumping time and money into this site. Hard to believe. Some call it stupid, other call it the source of happiness in their lives
No matter what you call it, just strap yourselves in for a super-duper, 2 year extravaganzic update. Kick back and feel the G's.

anyone else planting themselves in front of the TV and watching the WAR hour after hour? Geesh. I need help. I was going to post a long-ass rant about my views about the war and what it means to me...but seriously, who gives a floating fuck what I think. People come here for escape. Some escape from their shitty jobs. Some escape from their shitty home lives. Some escape from Prison and expect to hide out in my basement. It's all about escape. Sweet escape.

George Gordon Lord Byron rises from the grave, possess Elmo and sends in a piece.

Crashinburnin on the other hand has some personal opinions that he'd like to share with you. He sent in a rant followed by another one.

Bouncie, bouncie.

Paul from "The Bullshit Box", sends in a rant of his own....

Our friends over at sent us a small list of jokes.

Nicholas drops by with another story to amuse, entertain or piss you off. You decide which.

Geesh with all these guest writers, I won't have to update at all any more..

I see this site poked it's way onto the top of the "Friends of the Brain" list. I can't even read what the Bumsen it says!

The Guys over at Retnuh bring you 275 strange facts that you may or may not already know. (You are pretty smart aren't you? So I wouldn't put it past you to know most of them.)

Now THIS is some funny ass shit. You see that and wonder how much time people put into their sites. Kudos to ApeChild! And here I just throw some crappy links together and call it a site. The Internet is a crazy place.

The dudes from Much Music sent me in another clip (and this fancy little button) they have been working on.... More from:

Rawkbitch weaves a splendid tale from days of yor.

Damn, were the #1 referrer to Crazyass13! You'd think that hooking our link to a supper slutty (and when I say slutty, I mean hot) picture of Christina Aguilera would send us more traffic.

E/N hitting the airwaves? What's next?

Well, that's it. 2 long years of my life spent writing and working on this site. I hope you all appreciate it. Although, I doubt that you do. If not, at least I hope you have learned something from it. If not, then I assume you've just come looking for porn and had so much blood that had rushed out of your head, you were too stupid to find it. Well, fear not, you can either visit our porn page. Pack with boner busting movie streams and galleries. Or you can go download some with Davo. He's always got ya covered. (And judging by the text next to my link....he thinks I'm sexy. Aww shucks.)